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  • H ZETT M(piano/青鼻)

これらの作品を機に始まったピアノ1台だけでの”独演会スタイルライブ”は、時にシニカルでユーモア溢れる彼の人間性が現れ、彼の一挙手一投足にまで満員の観客が釘付けになる。並行して活動しているトリオ編成によるバンド”H ZETTRIO”とは一味違ったその世界観は各方面から好評を得ている。

Pianist / Entertainer / Musician; speculation is rife over H ZETT M (piano/blue nosed); he might be Masayuki Hiizumi (ex. PE’Z), and also HZM (keyboards/piano) of original member of “Tokyo Incidents”, a band led by Ringo Sheena (singer/songwriter). Though his answer is always in a blur.
A paranormal performance by superhuman techniques & “zero-gravity playing” style makes experimental composition & art of music unite. In 2010, his guerilla street-live in Taiwan brought audience of 2000 and sparked “blue-nosed” boom. He moved in action of 26 songs recording with concentrating all his attention on concert grand piano only by him. By this act, “Music of the Future,” “The Music by Wizard” and “Resonant Music” album was produced. Through with releasing these albums, his one-man recital “Dokuen-Kai” style set off only using a concert grand. During this over two-hour show, a full audience closely watches every play, word and deed of his humorous performance. Now, it turns into attracting favorable comment widely. In September 2021, he released the new album “Music Drifting In the Bliss of Memory,” same series of “Music of the Future,” “The Music by Wizard” and “Resonant Music.”