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  • H ZETT M(piano/青鼻)
  • H ZETT NIRE(bass/赤鼻)
  • H ZETT KOU(drums/銀鼻)

H ZETT M(ピアノ/青鼻)のユーモラスでありながら“無重力奏法”とも形容される誰にも真似の出来ないテクニカルなピアノと、H ZETT NIRE(ベース/赤鼻)、H ZETT KOU(ドラム/銀鼻)が支えるキレのあるリズムセクションを武器に、唯一無二のアンサンブルを響かせる。この3人以外には作り出せない新たな音楽とグルーヴを結成以来、常に追求し続けている。
2016年リオデジャネイロ・オリンピック閉会式で行われた東京五輪への引継ぎ式で楽曲「Neo Japanesque」と「Get Happy! 」が使用され大きな話題となった。その他にも映画、TVテーマ曲、CM等などに多数起用されている。

A Japanese piano trio band whose theme is to make both adults and children laugh and dance.
H ZETT M (piano/Blue Nose) plays the humorous yet technical piano that no one else can imitate, which is described as a “weightless playing style”, H ZETT NIRE (Bass/Red Nose), H ZETT KOU (Drums/Silver Nose) Armed with the sharp rhythm section supported by the band, the band creates a unique ensemble. Since their formation, they have been constantly pursuing new music and grooves that can only be created by these three members.
In 2014, they performed at the Montreux Jazz Festival, one of the world’s three largest jazz festivals, held in Switzerland, and became active in earnest.Since then, they have performed at numerous large-scale music festivals both domestically and internationally.
The songs “Neo Japanesque” and “Get Happy!” were used at the closing ceremony of the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics, which was held at the handover ceremony for the Tokyo Olympics, and became a hot topic of conversation. In addition, it has been used in many movies, TV theme songs, commercials, etc.
In addition, they have been releasing one new song every month since 2019, and in December 2023, their 60th work, “Dynamics”, became the “highest number of consecutive digital single releases in a month by a single music unit.”
A Guinness World Record has been set, which is still in progress. Additionally, they will release their 9th album “Dynamics” in June 2024.